Classes We Offer

We offer group classes throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule. Your mental and physical health is our top priority. Check out our classes to see how we can help you make the most out of your time here!

Hot Pilates Express (50 minutes)

Hot Pilates (1 hour)

Cardio Kickboxing

Private 1-on- 1 Sessions (1 hour)


What is Hot  Pilates?

A mat-based class tailored to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that incorporates various pilates positions.

We provide a high heated class of 96-100 degrees. This environment and workout is set to help you burn more fat, increase your endurance and build strength. The heat also aids in warming up your muscles for your exercise, making them elastic and elongating your movements. Your core, gluteal muscles, and upper body will receive special attention, as this is a full-body workout. Our classes are paired with the instructors personal pick of up-beat music that will keep you motivated and moving. You will gain flexibility, good posture, and overall strength as you train your muscles to work together.


Cardio Kickboxing Instructor
Hot Pilates Instructor

Becki W.

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